Getting Checked Part 2

  • February 2014
  • Posted By Practical Editing

Getting Checked Part 1

Need to be checked? Believe you don’t need to have someone proofread your work?

Some people contend that correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are not important. Two arguments often heard are:

  • “Language evolves; as long as the reader understands what I mean, spelling and commas don’t matter,” and
  • “People care less about such things now.”

This may be true in some settings, and language certainly does change. However, do you want to take the chance? The client reading your design report may have been made to write lines, or was otherwise punished, every time they made a grammatical error at their Dickensian boarding school?

Planning ahead, and having your work edited, can do more than improve how your writing is received. It can help you learn in the process so that the way you are perceived through your writing will continue to improve. If you insert a comment in your draft where you’re unsure of how something should be expressed, the editor can give you specific guidance. A good editor will not only correct your work, but also comment. Where it can be done concisely, they can note why something should be changed.

It’s probably time to get that next report started. Have a chat with an editor to make sure that it will be beautifully formatted and free from grammatical, spelling, typographical and punctuation errors. A future client may equate bad grammar with incorrect calculations and ineffectual design or worse! It could remind them of their school years full of literature masters who believed using incorrect spelling was worse than all other childhood indiscretions.