Getting Checked Part 1

  • December 2013
  • Posted By Practical Editing

Getting Checked Part 1

Need to be checked?

  1. Have you ever looked back on a piece of work and found simple errors?
  2. Are you of the generation of Australians for whom school wasn’t the source of all grammatical knowledge?
  3. Is English not your first language and you sometimes find you’ve missed a delicate nuance?
  4. Do you find that your children asking for help with their English homework can make you feel dizzy?

Even if you answered no to all, it’s important to have someone check your writing.

One is often reminded that first impressions are very important, and hence many place great importance on their personal presentation. In your business interactions your writing often has a significant role to play in that first impression.

Holding your readers’ interest is important to help you present as competent and educated. Clear writing free from inconsistent formatting, and without spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, can do that. When your reader is a prospective client, that first impression is evidently very important.

So what to do when just mentioning the words grammar and spelling lead you to suddenly remember a dozen other things you should be doing rather than writing? How could you prevent the feeling of embarrassment when you look back on the report you’ve just submitted and the first thing you notice is where you’ve written pubic instead of public? Back when you were reading it before submission, you’re glazed eyes couldn’t spot such a simple error.

Even the best writers use editors to review their work. Yet many people don’t get their work checked and so errors are often missed. Perhaps you should ask an editor for some guidance.

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