About Practical Editing

Why do we do what we do?

We enjoy improving the presentation of writing from many different sources. We enjoy helping organisations to create effective documentation. From business plan writing, policies and procedures, and grant writing to annual reports, report writing, report editing and grant acquittal tools.

For engineers, from the beginning of our study and then out in the field, we are taught to solve problems, be they big, small, difficult or blindingly obvious. We are taught to work through any problem to find the most practical and elegant answer. However, most of us are not effectively taught how to communicate these solutions to others. It’s simply assumed that we know how to do this. Writing is not usually an engineer’s strength.

Here at Practical Editing, we are engineers who understand this problem. We have faced the same issues through our working careers, and although we may not spend all our time designing, drafting or providing elegant solutions to complex problems, we have been there before. We can use these skills to great effect in a variety of disciplines from office systems design to writing your most engaging annual report yet. If you need a piece of technical writing done, we can write or edit it effectively as we understand the content.